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20 Bead Arithmetic Rack

The Giant Abacus - 20 Bead Arithmetic Rack is an ideal resource to introduce children to the five and ten structure of numbers. Using these numbers as reference points, children can combine and partition numbers to investigate strategies for counting, addition and subtraction.

Children who are fluent with five and ten as reference points are unlikely to rely on long sequences of counting-by-ones when adding or subtracting.
Robert, Wright J., et al.(2006). Teaching Number in the Classroom

Use the 20 Bead Arithmetic Rack to introduce the numbers from 1 to 20.
Extend to numbers to 100 using the Giant Abacus.

The Arithmetic Rack has a solid wooden frame with removable stainless steel rods. These allow you to customize the colour arrangement of the wooden beads.

Size: frame 565 x 520mm wooden beads 36 x 22mm

Item No KB2113



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