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10 Ten Frame Activities Item No KB2217

Assist in building children’s mental flexibility and fluency with number concepts.

12 Carriage train measures 1.35 metres

Each set includes:
63 Ten frame and number playing cards from 0 to 20
24 Ten dot tiles 100 x 40mm
60 One to nine dot tiles
2 Ten frame trains to120
1 BLM Ten frame train to 50
Teacher Guide

Teachers guide includes:
10 Activities written by Dr Paul Swan
1.    Linking materials, words and symbols from 0 to 10
2.     Linking materials, words and symbols for teen numbers
3.     Odd & Odd Numbers
4.     Make a Ten
5.     Teens to Twenty
6.     Trading Game to 120
7.     Doubles
8.     Partitioning Game
9.     Partitioning Ten - Tens Facts
10.    Sorting & Classifying

Item No KB2217


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The ten frames can be used to model strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems to 20. • Bridging across ten • Partitioning numbers • Known tens facts

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