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Fishing for Numbers

Item No. KB2020

A fun way to introduce children to a range of early number concepts needed to develop number sense. Suggested activities include:

  • Ordering numbers from zero to ten
  • Recognising a group of up to five items without counting each one
  • Matching numbers, words and quantities from zero to ten
  • Knowing what number is one or two more or less than any number
  • Understanding that numbers can be made up of two or more parts
Each set includes

12 Wooden fish with five-wise 0 to10 dot arrangements and numbers
12 Wooden fish with pair-wise 0 to10 dot arrangements and words
2 Magnetic wooden fishing rods 26cm
1 Printed pond/storage bag 46cm diameter
Teacher Guide

Carton Quantity: 8

$49.50 (Excl. GST)

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