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Turn & Learn Package: 0-120 Number Board, 30 Charts & 2 Books

Item No. KB2005SD

The most versatile number board available. Start activities at zero or one; end at 120. Perfect for classroom demonstrations. Easy use; reset faces of cubes with the swipe of a hand. Strong, sturdy and robust for classroom use.
Size 540 x 640mm

• Count forwards and backwards in ones, twos, threes…
• Investigate number patterns involving multiples
• Identify missing numbers from number sequences
• Explore place value language and concepts
• Demonstrate strategies for addition and subtraction

Reverse side has white and yellow dots in a Slavonic Abacus

Activity suggestions are included in the Books Getting Started, Turn & Learn: 0-120 Number Board Activities and Dr Paul Swans book Turn & Learn: Exploring the Possibilities.

The class set of 1-120 Charts can be used by children to practice in small groups or individually activities demonstrated on the board. Suitable for use with write & wipe pens.

Recommended for grades 3-8.

Package includes
1 Turn & Learn 0-120 Number Board
2 Turn & Learn Books
30 1-120 Charts


$329.00 (Excl. GST)

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