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Mini Beasts Life Cycle Slides & Viewer

Using the viewer to illuminate these specimen slides provides children with an exciting way to see the life cycles of the animals and insects included in these sets. The Life Cycle specimens when illuminated look amazing.
The Teacher Guide includes classification and labelling BLM’s and fascinating facts to extend children’s curiosity about these life cycles.
Each specimen is encased in indestructible resin and can safely be used by young children.

ANIMAL Mini Beasts Life Cycle Slides
Include a Cockroach, Frog, Spider, Crab and Scorpion life cycles

INSECT Mini Beasts Life Cycle Slides
Include a Dragonfly, Spotted Lanternfly, Grasshopper, Honey Bee and Cabbage White Butterfly life cycles

Each set includes
1 LED Viewer 100 x 95mm
5 Life Cycle Slides 73 x 73 x 9mm
Teacher’s Guide

Mini Beasts Viewer
The LED Slide Viewer adds another dimension to the Mini Beast Specimens. Lights on the sides and bottom of the viewer illuminate the specimen slides in a way children will find amazing. Powered by an alkaline button battery, the Slide Viewer offers over 800 hours of viewing time.


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