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Mini Beasts Books, Journals & Cards

The 2 Mini Beast books contain cross-disciplinary activities and resources for teachers of children in years 1 to 6.
Mini Beasts: Classroom Investigations of the Small includes activities such as; classifying living things, life cycles, social insects and investigations. 48 pages
Ocean Book: Classroom Investigations of a Blue Planet has a variety of ocean related topics such as; marine biology, sustainability marine scientists, food webs, and human migration. 48 pages
Activities link to the Australian Curriculum and include BLMs.

Mini Beasts Journals and Ocean Journals contain art, maths and science activities for students to complete. They can be used as a record of activities explored using the Mini Beast specimens or as an independent resource. 16 pages, 10 books per set.

The Ocean Cards can be used to extend activities introduced using the Ocean Mini Beasts or as a stand alone resource. One side has a spectacular photograph taken from nature of marine animals and plants. Interesting facts about their habitat, diet, predators and life style is on the reverse side.
Each set contains 65 laminated cards (100 x 100mm).  Cards comes packaged in a sturdy storage box.

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