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Mini Beasts Specimen Slides & Viewer

Using the viewer to illuminate these specimen slides provides children with an exciting way to investigate the amazing Animal Kingdom. Children can see the similarities and differences that exist between the different species.
The Teacher Guide includes classification and labelling BLM’s and fascinating facts to extend children’s curiosity about these life cycles.
Each specimen is encased in indestructible resin and can safely be used by young children.

LAND Mini Beasts Slides
Includes 3 groups of arthropod specimens; insects, arachnids and myriapods –¬†Ant & Termite, Tiger Beetle and Cockroach, Golden Scorpion and Ghost Spider and a Centipede

WATER Mini Beasts Slides
Includes 2 vertebrate specimens, a Fish and a Newt and 4 invertebrate specimens representing the cnidaria, echinoderms, annelids and molluscs groups – Jellyfish, Starfish, Common Clam Worm and Shells

AIR Mini Beasts Slides
Includes 6 insect specimens – Honey Bee, Plain Tiger Butterfly, Mosquito & Fly, Blister Beetle, Dragonfly and Wasp.

Each set includes
6 Specimen slides 74 x 74 x 10mm
1 LED Slide Viewer 110 x 98 x 47mm
Teacher’s Guide

Mini Beasts Slide Viewer
The LED Slide Viewer adds another dimension to the Mini Beast Specimens. Lights on the sides and bottom of the viewer illuminate the specimen slides in a way children will find amazing. Powered by an alkaline button battery, the Slide Viewer offers over 800 hours of viewing time.

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