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Pocket Money 2 – Manage Your Money

Item No. KBPM15

Pocket Money 2 – Manage Your Money is a fun family game for children to learn about managing money. It introduces basic management concepts to help them spend and save wisely. These concepts include:
• Distinguishing between needs and wants
• Balancing savings and spending money
• Avoiding over-spending
• Developing a social conscience by contributing to charities

To win the game a player needs to save $250, and purchase two Wish cards and one Charity card.

There are 4 common actions around the gameboard:
EARN Receive money
SPEND Pay money
CHOICE Option to buy a Wish or Charity card
E-BANK Option to withdraw or deposit money into savings

The game also gives children the opportunity to practice:
• Multiplication and division
• Working with whole numbers, decimals and percentages
• Rounding to the nearest 10

Details on both Notes and Coins are realistic. Notes are made of synthetic paper and do not tear. Coins and cash tray are made of high-quality ABS plastic.

Each set includes
1 Board Game (502 x 502mm)
Play Money 70 Coins and 80 Notes ($5, $10, $20, $50 and $100)
8 Wish cards and 4 Charity cards
4 Savings wallets
1 Cash tray
4 Game Tokens, 1 Dice and Instructions

Storage Box: 26.5 x 26.5 x 5.2 cm
Master Carton: 12 pcs / 55.2 x 33.3 x 29.2 cm / GW 14.4 kgs

Carton Quantity: 12

$49.95 (Excl. GST)

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