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Mini Beasts Insects & Spiders

These real-life specimens allow children to see close-up and examine in detail a selection of insect and spider specimens. They are an excellent resource to promote scientific inquiry and investigation.
Each specimen is encased in indestructible resin and can safely be used by young children.

The Mini Beasts Insects & Spiders  sets come in sturdy, stylish storage boxes. The resin blocks are held in place and protected within the box by foam cut-outs. An Activity Guide is included in each set.
Large box measures 36 x 27 x 4mm
Small box measures 31 x 15 x 4mm

Mini Beasts Insects & Spiders Large Set
Includes 15 labelled specimens – Unicorn Beetle, Flower Scarab Beetle, Green Rose Chafer Beetle, Spotted Red Bug, Bee, Ant, Wasp, Termite, Wasp Spider, Ghost Spider, Tarantula, Butterfly, Grasshopper, Grass Cicada and Scorpion. (Butterfly is 75 x 75mm)
Teacher’s Guide

Mini Beasts Insects & Spiders Small Set
Includes 6 labelled specimens – Praying Mantis, Cockroach, Shield Bug, Spiny Spider, Cricket and Goliath Scarab Beetle. (Praying Mantis is 110 x 45mm)
Teacher’s Guide

Also available is the Mini Beasts Book: Classroom Investigations of the Small. Ideas and activities for teachers using the insect, spider and life cycle specimens. Includes links to the new Australian Curriculum and BLMs.
Recommended for year 1 to 6 science classes.
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