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Laminated Mini Beasts Specimens

These laminated specimens encourage children to explore, investigate and develop ideas about the world around them. They are a great resource in combination with a light box or can be used as a display on windows.

Children will be fascinated with the shape, patterns and colour of the beautiful wings of the 10 Laminated Butterflies and the 22 different varieties of pressed Flowers, Leaves Herbs and feathers.

Each of these real-life specimens is laminated between 2 sheets of clear plastic.
The Laminated Butterflies measure 110 x 100mm.
The Laminated Flowers, Leaves and Feathers measure 75 x 75mm

The common name of each specimen and the scientific name is included on the A4 guide.

Laminated Butterflies set includes 10 specimens:
Great Orange Tip, Spotted Sawtooth, Red Helen, Jungle Queen, Red Orange Tip, Blue Tiger, China Newab, Maackii Peacock, Plain Tiger and Swallow Tail.
A4 Guide

Laminated Flowers, Leaves & Feathers set includes 22 specimens:
4 Feather specimens: peacock, chicken, goose & quail
5 Flower specimens: 2 chrysanthemum, lobelia, aster & viola,
4 Fern specimens
9 Leave specimens
A4 Guide

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