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MoneyMaster Activities

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A great classroom resource to help children to learn about money.
Activities in the Teacher Guide are linked to the Australian Curriculum.

The set of colour coded cards, introduce a range of money concepts.
The 18  Green Cards introduce children to the pictures and people depicted on the coins & notes.
The 18 Purple Cards introduce children to the value of different coin & note combinations.
The Orange Cards provide children with shopping opportunities to purchase items and give change.

The black cash tray has the denomination of each coin and note molded into the compartments This helps children order the coins and notes when using the tray. A clear plastic lid completes the tray for easy storage.

Each set includes
1 Black cash tray & clear lid 432 x 285 x 35mm
110 Coins & 102 Notes
55 Activity cards 87 x 57mm
Teacher Guide

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